BirdCage Aviary For Birds With Roof


The AQPET Birdcage with Rain Cover is an elegant and sturdy aviary, which allows you to offer your feathered friend a suitable home.

Technical features:

    square form
    large feed compartment with support rod
    2 large and one small movable vertical openings
    4 support rods that can be moved easily and individually
    sandbox for quick and easy sand replacement
    bottom net the aviary remains closed during the cleaning phasea)
    wheels for easy movement
    drinking trough
    narrow lattice to accommodate even small birds
Technical data:

    total height: 162 cm incl. roofo)
    external dimensions of the aviary: 162cm x 52cm x 52cm H / W / DP)
    external dimensions of the roof: 65 cm x 66 cm B / TT)
    internal dimensions of the cliff: 128cm x 50cm x 50cm H / W / DP)
    net thickness: 2mm
    net gauge 1.3 cm
    large door: 20 cm x 26 cm A / WL)
    small door: 20 cm x 12 cm A / WL)
    weight: 16.6 kg