Catty Pure Silicon Cat Litter


The CATTY PURE litter composed of silica gel is a product: antibacterial, hypoallergenic, natural, anti-odor and ultra absorbent. Thanks to its natural chemical structure characterized by a marked microcapillarity of the granules, it absorbs the liquids with which it comes into contact, thus retaining urine and bad odors and avoiding the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria in the surrounding environments. Thanks to the high purity of the material and the low dust content, CATTY litter guarantees a longer duration of absorption than the market average.

Pack of 5LT 2 KGG)

Long-lasting hygiene. Extra softness to protect your pet's paws.

    Super absorbent silica gel.
    Long lasting product, up to 30 days.
    Eliminate odors.
    100 absorbent..
    Low maintenance
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