Filter Line Bio Beads


HOLLOW BIO BEADS is a biological filter material with an innovative patented hollow-shaped design that favors the formation of denitrification zones in depth. Made up of inert ceramic, it has a large usable surface, about 700 sqm / L. Thanks to the Open PorosityTM technology, it has a particular structure with open macropores that guarantees perfect colonization and at the same time delays the clogging phenomena, extending maintenance times. Its shape allows a different distribution of NH4 and NO-2 ions which can therefore be actively absorbed. It has a low impact on tds and does not alter the pH value pH 7 / 7.5. Most of the pores are located as a percentage in the range 45/55 µm and 10 nm, this implies that the surface is biologically and really usable for bacterial
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