Neptune Wave Movement Pump


The neptune wave is a range of movement pumps that meet the requirement of minimum space in the aquarium to favor a natural and at the same time healthy aquatic environment, thanks also to the exclusive magnetic support that allows the pump to be positioned anywhere. With the supplied controller it is also possible to manage different water flows and types of flow.o.

AC100-3240 / DC 24V WAVE 4.0 WAVE 8.0
WAVE 15.0
Scope 4000 LT / H 8500 LT / H 13000 LT / H
Watt 10 Watt 23 Watt 40 Watt
Aquarium size 40-70 cm 70-100 cm 100-150 cm
Glass thickness & lt; 10 mmm & lt; 12 mmm & lt; 15 mmm
Dimensions 62x86 mm 78x108 mm 92x132 mm

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