Aqua Aquarium in Glass Extra-clear Model


Made with precious materials and cutting-edge processing techniques, AQPET aquariums are perfectly suited to any type of furniture. The extra clear glass of superior quality is used;on the front there is the AQPET logo engraved with laser technology which guarantees its authenticity

The processing, with attention to the smallest details, is entirely supervised by our technicians. All AQPET aquariums are equipped with special self-leveling mats that guarantee absolute stability and allow safe and trouble-free positioning.

Available models:

Template  Dimensions Glass thickness Gross capacity
AQUA 45 45x30x30h 6mm 40 Liters
AQUA 60 60x30x36h 6mm 64 Liters
AQUA 90 90x50x50h 10mm 225 Liters
AQUA 120 120x50x50h 12mm 300 Liters