RABBITH Wooden Rabbit Hutch 204x45x84CM


This beautiful two-story rabbit hutch is exceptionally practical and functional. Small animals such as hares and chickens, but also guinea pigs or chinchillas are at ease. Next to a free-moving shelf with a free base, which allows them to move around, there is also a protected quiet area, where animals can retreat and be protected from the weather. Thanks to the roofs, your beloved pets are protected from predatory birds, cats or foxes. The top can be reached by two ramps and has removable drawers for easy cleaning.

Technical features:

1 tub tray
2 connecting ramps between floors
Rabbit size: 204 x 45 x 84h cm
Dimensions of the side cage: 68 x 43 x 57h cm
Central part dimensions: 68 x 43 x 84h cm